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Crash On Load

This App crashes on load DONT DOWNLOAD


Why not spell the chord with the notes it is made of? Great app otherwise.

touch 1Gにとても使いやすいです。

IPhone用のGuitar Toolkitからチューナー機能を省いた内容です。 コードの種類がとても多く(同一コードも複数パターンあり)、実用度が非常に高いです。

Easy to use app for a early guitarist!

I bought the app and it works just like I hoped it would. The interface is easy to use and its made specifically for my iPod Touch. If I have a chord that I cant think of, I can just look at my iPod instead of getting on the internet. Agile Partners customer support is great: they emailed me within 30 min of me asking. The email I got said they are already working on the next update, and I believe that this app can (and will) grow into something even better.

Great app!

This a great app only wish you could hear the chords/play them


This app is for the iPod touch users since it does not include a tuner. Iphone users, I suggest you wait for the full version. Just because this one has lite in the name doesnt mean its the useless, cheaper version just the "courtesy to iPod users version. The full version will be $9.99 when it comes out.

The full version of GuitarToolkit is already available ...

Just to clarify: the full version of GuitarToolkit is already available in the App Store! We released it back in July; GuitarToolkit Lite is a less expensive version intended for iPod Touch users, with all the same features except the tuner (since the iPod Touch doesnt have a microphone). Thanks - GuitarTookit Dev Team

Good App

I think that this is a great app. I think a good feature would be to add your own chords, and be able to hear chords played. Great job.

Good App

Very handy app. Just wish you could hear the chords. I believe there might cheaper Apps with this feature. You might want wait for an update or look around.

NICE, if only sounds for the chords tho

Nice app. It really helped my guitar tuning really nicely. Another great thing would be to play sounds on how to down tune in D or down half a step.


It would be nice if we could strum on the chord string to hear it, like in the tuner

Needs polish

The tuners good but I would like to see more tunings available. The chord library is very very well done, but like everyone else, I want to hear the chords.... But other than those 2 things, its amazing!!!


I just wanted it for the guitar and I hate it, you cant hold the strings to play real notes or cords you just have five loop notes. Do not buy for guitar only!


Stupid. The cords are good. But you cant play GUITAR on it. Crap. Even moo is better


I simply could not be more thrilled with this App. For any guitarist out there reading this " This is the one your looking for". All I thought I was getting was a chord book with a few lights and tones, but its much more.There are alternate tunings for bass and 12 strings, plenty of different sound clips for the metranome, a library of chords that "do" let you hear them ring and my favorite an option to display scales and it lets you ring those notes out as well. And to all the negative reviews Ive read please understand that this isnt intended to be played as a portable guitar. Its a tool kit for study, and a great one at that.

Great app!!!!!

I cant tell you how much easier this is than looking up unknown chords online or in a book. One thing Id like to see in an update is a reverse chord-find option (I plug in the notes on the fret and it gives me the name of the chord)...Just a suggestion

Sweet App

I love this app. It is great for any guitar player, especially ones who do not know every chord. This would be the best app if you could add scales. Scales on next update please!

Love it!

What more do you need? I already had a tuner so I got the lite version. And if you know how to tune by ear than you can do that with this one too! But what I liked about this one better than the full version was that it has CHORD VARIATIONS! I dont think the full version does...This is PERFECT if you are just learning guitar. My guitar teacher was very impressed!

A well-packaged tool

It would be a shame to leave this apps rating in the hands of people who apparently did not know what they were getting when they bought this package. This lite version of guitar toolkit is well worth the investment, maybe even more so than the original.

Excellent tool


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