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Guitar Toolkit iPhone App Review AppleAppInsider

Cost: $9.99 Category: Music Developer: Agile Partners Technologies, LLC Store: iTunes, iPhone App Review by AppleAppInsider. Essential guitar utilities ...

GuitarToolkit 2.0 Update

GuitarToolkit 2.0 is a huge release featuring an all-new iPad version that's free for existing GuitarToolkit users, and the GuitarToolkit+ Upgrade, an in-app ...

Paper Airplane - iPhone App Review

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"Music Gadget คนดนตรีเล่นของ" ยุคที่ใครๆก็มีของเล่น เราจะเอาของเล่นคนดนตรีมาอ...

iPhone App Guitar Tuner! Here's the March 31st App Review of Cleartune, a guitar tuner for the iPhone and iPod Touch ... Cleartune iTunes Link ...

iPhone App Review - Are You Smarter Than A Maverick?

Fart Guitar iPhone App Review

The app is a toot and an half—no pun intended—and if you're looking for a unique way to make music, this is it.

Guitar Tuner for IPod/IPad/iPhone COMPARISON - GuiTune

GuiTune is a nifty app that does exactly what it does. Compared to a real guitar tuner, it performs adequate correctly tuning notes most of the time. Pros: -Free ...

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Inkvaders App Review

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